GalKisse Hotale ( Chords )

GalKisse Hotale ( Chords )
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Beat : 6/8 Original Key : D
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[Intro] ------------------------------------------------ |D |- |G |- | |A |- |G |- | |D |- |A |- | |G |- |D |- | [Chorus] ------------------------------------------------ D A D Galkisse hotale langa arthur aiya hotale langa G D sir irin car i know all the bar G D all ceylon tour going i give my car // [Verse 1] ------------------------------------------------ G D I know kandy road I know seegiriya road A D I know madakalapu road I know galooya boad G D Take you to gem merchant that is kahawatta road A Elehera bakamuune D my friend menik load // Galkisse Hotale ..... / [Verse 2] ------------------------------------------------ G D I saw you wild elephant we must go yala kele A D I give you nil and honey passing mathara nagare G D I tell you put story about panamure A you can see big temple D going to anuradhapure // Galkisse Hotale ..... / [Verse 3] ------------------------------------------------ G D Your wife madam mrs calling & come for kiss A D I give her kewum kokis lines & good for kiddies G D I know better english like it in lunumiris A my friend singer MS D all ceylon baila twist // Galkisse Hotale ..... /
GalKisse Hotale ( Chords ) (6/8)
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