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SLChords is basically dedicated to guitar chords & tabs sharing.
Along with chords or tabs, you're able to listen to the song and download it as mp3 file.
You can also request chords for your favorite songs which are not available on SLChords.
And if you are a musician, chords or tabs you made, can be shared with millions of users all over the internet.

How to use SLChords

Key Features

✓   Play or download the song
If you really want to listen it.
✓   View chords in full screen mode
Which enables you to see the whole song without scrolling the screen while you are playing.
✓   Key Transposer for all Chords & Tabs
If you are uncomfortable with the pitch, you can simply transpose the song to a different key.
✓   Chords diagram viewer
If you do not know how to play an particular chord, you can simply click on that chord and it will show you how to play it with lot of variations.
✓   Rate chords and chord contributors
Users can rate a particular song chords considering it's quality so that you can easily pick up best quality chords.
✓   Advance search
Chords can be searched by Artist name, Song name, Quality of chords, Number of chords used, Beat, Category, Popularity etc.
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✓   download chords
Chords can be downloaded as an image file to your local computer so that you can play songs when you are not online.
✓   Favorite song list
You can arrange or bookmark your favorites songs.
✓   Share own chords
You can shere your own chords/tabs with SLChords users.
✓   Request chords
You can request chords for songs which are not available on SLChords.

Current Status

2649 Songs
484 Artists  ( And Counting .... )